How to Write Research Paper

How to Write Research Paper

When you are attempting to write a research paper, you will need to follow certain rules and guidelines. For example, you need to choose a developmental style or thesis statement. You should also use credible sources and create an outline. However, some teachers may deduct points for not following these rules. If you are unsure of the rules, you can visit the OWL at Purdue University for help. Here are some tips that will help you complete your paper.

Choosing a thesis statement

While choosing a thesis statement for your research paper, it is important to make sure that it is specific and expresses one main idea. For instance, one might want to argue that surrogacy is a threat to the nuclear family, but Iranian families argue that it strengthens extended family ties. While you might not find a controversial topic interesting, it will be interesting to your reader, who will then be interested in your supporting points.

When preparing an essay, you should first write a rough draft of your thesis statement. If the thesis statement seems undeveloped, make sure to edit it and re-do it. It is also a useful planning tool. The statement should take a strong stance that is supported by evidence. It should also be supported by logical reasoning. It should also be easy to connect to other works.

Finding credible sources

While there are many sources available, there are a few basic steps to follow to find the most credible ones for your research paper. A good rule of thumb is to use recent publications and credible authors. Secondary sources can be pulled up in separate tabs and bounced between. You should also check whether the evidence and arguments are cross-referenced with other research. Using different types of resources will add depth, credibility, and relevancy to your research.

The first step is to identify the authors of each source. Be sure to cite them properly, and list their credentials as well. In some cases, the publication date doesn’t matter, but be sure to verify their credentials. In some fields, information changes quickly, and the article may be outdated before it was first published. You may also want to check the author of the article. This may not always be possible, but the author is usually a trustworthy source.

Creating an outline

While writing a research paper, it is very important to have a clear idea of the topic you’ll be writing about. It should be something that interests both you and your audience. If you have to write about a topic you have no knowledge of, choose one that you can speak authoritatively about. It’s also important to make sure that you understand the guidelines given to you, and that you choose the right angle.

A research paper outline has three main sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Make sure you understand what each section of the paper should contain. Your instructor may have additional requirements for research papers, so make sure you pay close attention to these before writing your outline. The introduction will contain a thesis statement, and the body will have three or more paragraphs that cover the specific information your professor has asked you to research.

Formatting a research paper

There are some general rules that need to be followed when formatting a research paper. These include the following: the title should be in the center of the page and capitalized. The title should also have a running head, or header, indicating its location. The name of the school or university, along with the page number, should be in plain text underneath the running head. The last name of the author should also be in plain text beside the page number.

Citations should also be included. These are vital elements of any paper, as they show where the information came from. Moreover, citing your sources correctly will help your reader avoid accusations of plagiarism. Here are some tips to help you format your research paper correctly. After all, it is much better to use citations than to plagiarize an entire work. There are many free tools online that can help you with your formatting needs.

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